Increasing Your Facebook & Instagram Video Views By Up to 85%


No joke, video has exploded over the past few years. 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook video content every week alone. It’s a key part of every business’ web strategy. So how do you leverage video on social media so that it pleases your content-hungry audience?

Make it about your audience, not you

Harsh! But it’s the trick to staying relevant. Examining your audience is very important in making sure your content meets your audiences’ goals, struggles and interests. And just because you have a brilliant video concept, it doesn’t mean your viewers will engage with it. How do you know what really matters? Have a close look at your followers’ pages and interests, and pay attention to any trending themes or buzzwords. You can always ask your followers directly too. And with your FB and IG analytics dashboards on stand bye, there’s no need to make assumptions.

Post during peak times

Let’s say you own a pizza delivery restaurant targeting families in a metro area. Does your audience browse Facebook and Instagram while they’re on the train to/from work? Or are they sneakily scrolling through their feeds during their lunch breaks? Either way, check your metrics pair your posts with moments of peak activity. Google Analytics may surprise you on this one!

Win ’em over within 3 seconds

Attention spans are short and that’s why the first 3 seconds of any video is critical. Want a good play-through record? Let titles and captions stir intrigue, and make the opening scene the money shot. Follow this up with a strong storyline, but don’t save the best for last! Side note: Drip-feeding your brand name or call-to-action at the start will do wonders for your conversions.

Spell it out 

85% of Facebook videos are played with the sound OFF. So if there’s any hint of spoken word, remember your captions and subtitles to ensure your message gets across the line.

And finally, this style of marketing is not about breaking the bank over production. If that were the case, funny cat videos wouldn’t be a thing! Pull out your phone, hit the “record” button and think of fun and creative ways to showcase your point of difference.


Felisha Mendoza Mina is a multidisciplinary creative, teaming up with brands across Australia, North America and Europe. With 7+ years of experience across Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Videography, Photography and Marketing, she takes a highly integrated approach to media and communications that uses a breadth of technical and analytical skills to help industry leaders look better, work smarter, and create with efficiency. 

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