Hacks to Nailing Your Next Photoshoot

Whether you’re shooting content for a website, updating a LinkedIn photo or getting the goods up to scratch for your personal brand, having a photoshoot booked can really turn up your celeb status! But it doesn’t matter how good your photographer is – if you haven’t done your research or the mental prep, all that effort can go to waste. Use this checklist to land those money shots you’ve been planning (and ditching the carbs for).

Find a photographer that can do you justice

Are you after a portrait, a series of lifestyle images or commercial images for agency work? Regardless of which, choose a photographer that specialises in the niche you’re in. It helps to work with someone who sits in your generation too. Why? You’ll feel more at home and they’ll have a better understanding of your vibe. Avoid those tacky shots. You know the ones!

Choose a versatile location

If the studio set up doesn’t work for you, it’s good to know that you’re in a neighbourhood that’s surrounded by character – think urban, cafes, city rooftops, rustic buildings, or greenery. Don’t be too rigid and be open to changing your vision on the day if things aren’t working. 

Practice your poses in front of a mirror

Unless you’re one of the Hadid or Jenner sisters, it helps to have a run-through with your posture. Your photographer will be directing you to move around and it helps to know your good angles and how to position your body. Be particularly observant of your facial expressions and the placement of your hands. Lengthen that neck! It’s also a good idea to watch behind-the-scenes photoshoots of your favourite models and see how the pro’s work the camera.

Order, order, order

You’ll probably be playing around with a few outfits and styles so start with your most natural look first. From there you can build on the attitude, outfits, and makeup. It’ll show on the camera if you’re feeling a bit tense, so starting with a more laid back look and spice things up once you’re used to having that lens in your face.

Have a shot list sorted

This is make-or-break! A shot list will help you visualise your end shots and it makes it easier for your photographer to direct you. Show examples of poses, lighting, setting, and style to have the best chance of getting what you want out of the shoot. Don’t be scared to take direction and speak your heart if the photographer isn’t getting it right.

Play your favourite tunes

Everyone shoots better when they’re at ease with the setting. Let music be your companion! Play some beats that suit the mood you’re going for. Music can help you get into character and make a stale atmosphere a little more exciting.


Felisha Mendoza Mina is a multidisciplinary creative, teaming up with brands across Australia, North America and Europe. With 6+ years of experience across Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Videography, Photography and Marketing, she takes a highly integrated approach to media and communications that uses a breadth of technical and analytical skills to help industry leaders look better, work smarter, and create with efficiency. 


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