Easy-to-Action SEO Tricks to Improve Your Google Ranking

An entire website rebuild? Nobody’s got time for that! Instead of throwing away your entire website let’s get real on how to improve your websites Google ranking with some quick SEO wins. Get rid of the “digital marketing expert” and put on your tech savvy hats – it’s DIY time. Are you with me?



Think of backlinks as fuel for your car. Every time you receive a backlink, BANG! your website is given that extra boost in rankings. The better quality the fuel, the bigger the boost.

Get your inner circle to show some love

Google reviews are important for your website, so make sure you ask clients, family members, and friends to review your service or product. A little love goes a long way.

Test your load time

Is your website taking 5 seconds or more to load? Too slow! Test your website loading time and if it’s a slow burn you need to make some changes. Hot tip: Look at your image sizes, home page sliders and graphics first.

Rename those media items

Think keywords. These words need to be repeated in your file names, alt text, title, description and caption. Remember to be subtle. No-one appreciates keyword stuffing.

Get smart about external linking

Linking to external websites can help your SEO if the link is to a quality website. But be careful with external links and how many you use – you don’t want to drive customers off your website. It’s all about balance.

Switch up your keywords

Make sure your keywords are relevant to your business. Do an audit of your keywords and create a strategy for each page. Tip: Use location-specific words. Trust me – these are easier to rank for.

Shrink image sizes

Do it now. Images affect your load time. Large images can look amazing but if your website doesn’t load quickly – no-one’s going to stick around to see it. Top tip: You can shrink your image file size without having to sacrifice full screen dimensions and quality. Click here for the goods.

Don’t forget about meta descriptions

Meta descriptions don’t affect your SEO but they’re important in attracting traffic to your site. Think of them as the sales snippet for a Google results page. You need to nail them to lure customers in!

Whip up a blog post

Blog posts are the best way to get that fresh content. Other than creating killer content for your customers, blogs can target keywords that you couldn’t target in your webpages. In other words, it gives you more reach.

Use these quick SEO tricks to give your website that boost it needs. Set aside an hour a week to plug away at it – in no time you’ll be crawling your way up to page one. Remember, “The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google search results” – so don’t end up there.


Felisha Mendoza Mina is a multidisciplinary creative, teaming up with brands across Australia, North America and Europe. With 6+ years of experience across Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Videography, Photography and Marketing, she takes a highly integrated approach to media and communications that uses a breadth of technical and analytical skills to help industry leaders look better, work smarter, and create with efficiency. 

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