A First-timer’s Guide to Speaking On Camera

Does speaking into a camera make you want to run to the closest bucket? I hear you! But sometimes there’s no option other than to suck it up, close your eyes and pretend everyone on the other side is naked.

Lucky I have some handy tips to turn this ‘oh-so’ scary moment into one you can do well – you just need a little nudge. So whether it’s your next video series, V-log, interview or promo reel, you’ll nail that camera shoot.

Prepare your material

Prep for it! This one is a must. Write bullet points of what you want to say beforehand so you’re not left guessing – or forgetting anything – on shooting day. You don’t want to get stuck mid-shoot stammering out, ‘ummm’, ‘sooo’, and ‘likes.’ Keep your material professional and packed full of confidence.

Practice in a mirror. Nope – it’s not about self-love, it’s about knowing what you look like so you can adjust anything you need to before the shoot.  

Maintain confident body language

If you want to be a head turner, get confident quick. Keep in check the following big three:

  •      Chin at a good height
  •      Your shoulders held back
  •      Do not to slouch

Always smile when you speak – unless you’re trying a sad or angry angle – it’ll give your voice a lift. Keep eye contact with one focal point. Don’t flicker around or switch from looking at the camera to off-camera. Not only is it distracting, but it also steals the limelight from the content you’re delivering.

Watch your pitch

Speak slow. Well, not too slow. Most people speak a lot faster than they think, so slow down your speech to increase clarity. To stir emotion and interest make sure you use pauses and vary your speech in volume and speed.

Finally, use full sentences. It makes it easier to cut up footage when you make a mistake. Trust me, it happens all the time.

The key points? Prep for it, confident body language and check your pitch. And these three tips will get you on your way to nailing your next on-camera shoot. But watch out – you mightn’t recognise yourself.


Felisha Mendoza Mina is a multidisciplinary creative, teaming up with brands across Australia, North America and Europe. With 6+ years of experience across Graphic Design, Creative Direction, Videography, Photography and Marketing, she takes a highly integrated approach to media and communications that uses a breadth of technical and analytical skills to help industry leaders look better, work smarter, and create with efficiency. 

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